UpperSlide Cabinet Caddies & Spice Rack Pullouts

Posted: February 23, 2021
UpperSlide Cabinet Caddies & Spice Rack Pullouts
$67.99 - $109.99
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Is your kitchen cabinet chaos getting a little too...spicy for your tastes? Or maybe a little too plastic storage container-y? UpperSlide Cabinet Caddies and Spice Rack Pullouts tidy up overflowing seasoning jars, baking product boxes, and other kitchen clutter, plus make them easy to find and access, with various sizes and shapes of wood racks mounted on sliding metal channels. Even better, all UpperSlide organizers are handcrafted by Old Glory 1 Woodworks in Louisville, KY, and made with 99% US-sourced content.

The UpperSlide storage solution shown above are Old Glory 1 Woodworks' double-decker spice rack pullouts, each able to hold 10 or more spice bottles up to 4.25" tall. They, along with the larger UpperSlide single-shelf spice racks and cabinet caddies, are made of birch wood coated in a clear, water-based finish.

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