The Briner

Posted: November 01, 2016
The Briner
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Floaters can be good - boats, pizza rafts - and floaters can be bad - poo in the pool, turkey in the brine. The Briner is a 22-quart bucket that pretty much looks like any other 22-quart bucket, except that it secures food in place under the surface of the liquid so it doesn't bob around partially submerged, and end up partially brined.

The Briner's guts consist of a food-grade plastic hold-down plate and a series of notches for plate placement just above the meat or fish you're brining. When the process is complete, you can also use the plate to keep your food penned in while you drain the brining juice in the sink.

The Briner is large enough to brine 4 to 5 chickens or pork shoulders, several racks of ribs, a grip of whole fish, or up to a 25-pound Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

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