Smelly Proof Heavy Duty No-Odor Reusable Bags

Posted: May 26, 2021
Smelly Proof Heavy Duty No-Odor Reusable Baggies
$7.49 - $18.99
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Bear tested, stoner approved. Smelly Proof Heavy Duty Bags are resealable, reusable, no-odor storage solutions "designed to create an ecosystem that blocks vapors and oxygen from entering or exiting the nylon reinforced Poly."

In other words, they're stink, stench, and smelly proof. Even when packed full of peanut butter and hot dogs, bananas and s'mores fixin's, and stored near the roaming and ravenous noses of bears. Even when stashed with a stash of pure skunk and stank.

Smelly Proof Heavy Duty Bags are food-safe, and suitable for barricading the scents, plus preserving the freshness of everything from fish to cheese to farty vegetables to marinating meats. You can also use them for coffee and dog food, along with non-edible supplies for camping, the beach, and travel. Fishing bait and dirty clothes work too.

Smelly Proof Heavy Duty Bags come in 5 different sizes.

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