Rolled Omelet Pan

Posted: July 05, 2014
Rolled Omelet Pan
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This Rolled Omelet Pan could be an alternative to the Bubble Waffle pan for the gluten intolerant. Or an accompaniment to the Bubble Waffle pan for the culinarily adventurous who also could have beaten Joey Chestnut in Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest yesterday. Winning stats: 61 dogs in 10 minutes. Made of cast aluminum, the divided pan claims to turn out perfectly burritoed omelets even for those with no previous egg flipping or rolling talents.

After grilling your desired stuffings in the heated pan, transfer them to a holding plate and pour in the egg batter. Let cook until the omelet's edges begin to stiffen, and then add cheese and return the meat/veggies all to one side of the tipi-separated egg. Lift the pan's handle and recruit the help of some sort of flat-edge utensil to roll the omelet, 1-2-3, onto your plate.


I don't know if I really need this omelet pan. However, after watching the video I think I might...no, yeah, I definitely need an omelet. Mmmm. Immediately. Sub bacon and onions and avocado and bacon for those green peppers though, mama! Green peppers ruin everything.

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