Bubble Waffle Pan

Posted: July 03, 2014
Bubble Waffle Pan
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I didn't know I had a favorite Hong Kong street food until I saw this fat, doughy bubble waffle. I haven't tasted one yet, but am reassured by the fact that my gut pretty much always gets along with anything described as a "puffy, pull-apart treat".

This pan by Nordic Ware brings the sidewalk vendor's cart to your kitchen, enabling the delectable stovetop crafting of bubble waffles. Bubble waffles, by the way, are also known as egg waffles. And also eggettes. And also egg puffs, puffles, and gai daan jai, which I think is just Cantonese for almost as good as a BJ.

The Nordic Ware pan is made of cast aluminum for even cooking and quick heat-up, and coating in a non-stick finish so you can remove the pristine puffles without gouging their eyes out.

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