Octopus Mug Holder

Posted: November 05, 2021
Octopus Mug Holder
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The Octopus Mug Holder has a mug-holding leg for each mug of coffee I will be drinking this morning. Why do I need a different mug for every cup of coffee? Well, my wife says I'm a big fan of Teenager Pro Tips, and the one I follow religiously is: "After drinking water from a cup, drink more water from a different cup."

Only in this case we're talking coffee from mugs. Which leads us to this terrific nickel-plated aluminum Octopus Mug Holder. It's eager to hold mugs cheesy and classy, cheap and family heirloom caliber alike. The octopus is also happy to simply sit on display empty, mugging its own handsome mug mugless.

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