Multi-Colored New York Dinner Knife Set

Posted: November 11, 2022
Multi-Colored New York Knife Set
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This fetching Multi-Colored New York Dinner Knife Set is for everyone on your holiday gift list who doesn't wish for silver and gold...cutlery. The collection includes 7* serrated knives, each a completely different bold color that comes together with the others to form Voltron.

Or at least, like, a unique and standout addition to the table at your next dinner party.

Multi-Colored New York Dinner Knives are made of stainless steel and have a seamless, one-piece construction.

*It may be a lucky number, but a set of 7 dinner knives? WTF? That's either one too many or one too few to pair up with any existing forks and spoons you've already got.

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