Mt. Fuji Glass with Wooden Coaster

Posted: May 03, 2021
Mt. Fuji Glass with Wooden Coaster
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I don't know much about Mt. Fuji, but any mountain capped with 4 fingers of whiskey - or tequila, scotch, or gin - instead of 40 feet of snow is going to be my favorite, and a worthy addition to my barware collection.

The Mt. Fuji Glass is a pyrex tumbler with Japan's tallest peak rising from its base. Or somebody's peak, anyway. It's unclear to me whether or not this is really Mt. Fuji, as all the photos I've seen of Mt. Fuji show it as a towering solo volcano, not part of a mountain triplex as the glass would indicate. So maybe this is just a Mountain Glass with Wooden Coaster. Shrug. It's probably a good gift for Dad either way. Especially if you tell him the mountain swimming in his booze is Mt. Fuji and it's not, because that will provide him with the opportunity to give you a lecture about Mt. Fuji and its geology, which he'll enjoy even more than the gift itself.

Well, maybe it will be a tie, due largely to the cleverest part about the Mt. Fuji Glass: a wood coaster carved with mountainous protrusions to match the tumbler. The glass nestles perfectly on top of the coaster, and then slides right off when you want to take a drink. So not only does the set look great, it comes with built-in protection against ruining the furniture.

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