Microwave Rice Cooker Mug

Posted: May 20, 2022
Microwave Rice Cooker Mug
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This microwaveable Rice Cooker Mug is a terrific idea for people who want just a single serving of rice, and don't want to spend the time cooking it on the stovetop. Or buy an electric rice cooker. Or use pre-cooked frozen rice. Or just order a takeout box from the Chinese place up the street. Lot of options for rice acquisition these days.

If it works, though, this mug is a much cheaper, less labor-intensive, and/or less dish-dirtying option, especially if you just need a quick coupla cups of rice for dinner. The Rice Cooker Mug takes inspiration from the Japanese donabe, a vessel with clay walls that trap heat, and a vented lid that allows steam to escape. IPPINKA's version here is designed especially for microwave use, and holds about 150 grams, or 3/4 cup, uncooked rice per use.

After washing your white rice, add it to the mug along with 3/4 cup of water, secure the lid, and microwave it for 7 minutes at 500W. Then leave the mug sit and steam for another 10 to 15 minutes before serving. You can use the Rice Cooker Mug for brown rice, and probably other grains, as well, but you'll need to adjust cook times.

Thanks to its unique function, the Rice Cooker Mug would make a great mug gift even for people who already have too many mugs. Ahem, mama.

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