Hidden Image Soy Sauce Dish

Posted: June 02, 2023
Hidden Image Soy Sauce Dish
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You don't need a magic eye to see the hidden images in IPPINKA's soy sauce dishes, just a hungry mouth ready to receive some salt-kissed sushi.

The soy sauce dishes are traditional in shape, size, and white porcelain composition - they are even made using authentic Seto-mono, a Japanese ceramic produced in Aichi, Japan. But in place of smooth, flat bottoms, the dishes have 3D-printed reliefs of Mt. Fuji, Torii Gate, or - since they are made in Japan, after all - an adorable puppy or kitty.

The reliefs are visible when the dishes are empty, but it isn't until you pour in your soy sauce that the effect really pops, balancing bright white details of the images that remain where the porcelain slopes downward, with those colored in by various shades of soy brown where the sauce streaks and pools differently.

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