Nymphaea 3D Wood Cutout Magic Eye Art

Posted: October 19, 2021
Nymphaea 3D Wood Cutout Magic Eye Art
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Nostalgic art meets contemporary techniques - and DIY - in the woodworking plans for the Nymphaea 3D Wood Cutout. Who remembers the Magic Eye craze of the 90s? (Sit down, Gen Z.) These books of 3D optical illusions, officially termed autostereograms, featured trippy, colorful 2D artwork that would reveal a 3D image if (and only if) you had the gift of uncovering it.

Most people could eventually see hidden Magic Eye images if they stared at the piece long enough. I was always pretty good at it, using a technique of deliberately unfocusing my eyes and letting my vision blur, and then when I refocused the 3D Easter Egg would pop! right out. I seem to have lost my touch, though, because I had to blur-refocus, blur-refocus at the Nymphaea Wood Cutout for, like, 5 minutes before I could get its water lily and lily pad Magic Eye image to come out.

The Nymphaea is another Derek Hugger creation, and unique not only for its nod to the 90s, but also for its wood medium, cutout carving technique, and 3D-to-3D concept. That is, the Nymphaea produces a 3D image from an existing 3D, rather than a 2D, image.

Purchasing plans for the Nymphaea will get you two different build options. The first is for 2 layers of wood overlaid to form the autostereogram background. Cutouts for this option should be made via CNC machining, laser cutting, or 3D printing. For those more into woodworking by hand, a simpler, single-layer Nymphaea design is also included. Its design has circular holes rather than elongated slots, to make it easier to do manual cuts with a drill press.

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