FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier for Safe & Easy Disposal

Posted: December 07, 2021
FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier for Disposal
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I learned a new word today. OK, two new words. "FryAway" is the first, I guess, though it's the brand name for a cooking oil solidifier that makes disposing of oil used to pan and deep fry easier and safer for the cook. The easier and safer for the cook part, though, that's what leads us to the real, and really outstanding, new word I learned today: "Fatberg."

A Fatberg is what happens when you convince yourself it's OK to pour used cooking oil down the drain and just run a bunch of hot water to help wash it through the pipes. It's just a little bit, no big deal, right? ... Wrong! It is a big deal. A Fatberg-sized deal, if it advances far enough to start building one of these mountainous masses of waste in your sewer system. (Note that another way you may be flirting with Fatberg formation is those "flushable" butt wipes that feel so good, but clog so bad.)

Even if congealed oil doesn't build up enough to erect a Fatberg and ruin your home's entire plumbing system, it can still coat your home's pipes just like it does your body's arteries, and create clogs. And the alternative, tossing spent cooking oil in the trash, can be messy, smelly, and, if spilled, equally painstaking to deal with.

FryAway is a quick-congeal powder that turns cooking oil from liquid to semi-solid as it cools. The company says it makes it much easier and cleaner to toss oil in the garbage, and eliminates the urge to pour any amount of it down the drain.

FryAway is 100% plant-based and non-toxic. To use it, sprinkle some into an oil-filled pan after cooking, when the oil is still warm, stir it up, and then wait for the oil to cool. Then scoop the gelatinous mass that remains into your trash can.

FryAway comes in Pan Fry and Deep Fry packs, the former for foods cooked in up to 2 cups of oil, the latter for solidifying up to 8 cups.

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