Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Can & Compactor

Posted: November 23, 2021
$159.97 - $204.99
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Joseph Joseph's Titan Trash Can & Compactor is one of the coolest low-tech gadgets I've seen all year. Maybe even on the all-time list, up there with the Naomi Spring Nutcracker. Presuming it works as shown in the video, which, as someone who's never tried one of the garbage munchers, I can't say for yay or for nay.

But here's a rundown of the concept and design: nested inside the Titan Trash Can's stainless steel shell is a manual waste compaction system consisting of a handle, a set of "jaws," and, to continue the metaphor, a "gullet." As your can fills, you lift up the handle, which pulls the jaws together, and then simply press down to compact the contents. The trash bag itself lines, and is entirely contained by, the gullet, so the compaction action: 1) will not stretch or tear the bag; and 2) prevents your hands, and anything else but the inside of the liner, from touching the grody trash you're smashing.

Joseph Joseph makes 5 gallon and 8 gallon models of their Titan Trash Can & Compactor. The former can hold up to 16 gallons of trash post-compaction, and the latter up to 24 gallons.

The Titan lid also contains an integrated odor filter compartment, which you can fill with replaceable carbon filters. A great kitchen gift for the cooks, moms, dads, eaters, and possessors of kitchens in your life.

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