Edible Food Crayons Seasonings & Condiments

Posted: June 23, 2021
Edible Food Crayons Seasonings & Condiments
$15.25 - $55.05
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Edible Crayons? Edible Crayons?! Everything my mama taught me as a kid - namely, what she taught me not to eat - is going out the window. Joining Edible Birthday Candles and Edible Printer Paper, we now have Food Crayons, creative seasonings and condiments for "coloring" dishes and drinks packed into everyone's favorite childhood (and adult!) coloring tool.

Developed by daughter / son / mama Nadia, Kamil, and Veronique as a family affair, Food Crayons come in a range of different flavor combinations, ready for shaving atop compatible foods and cocktails. Pictured above is Tomato & Thyme. Other Food Crayons I'd be down for eating up include Grapefruit & Timut Pepper, Curry & Turmeric, Raspberry & Balsamic, and Mushroom.

Food Crayons come with a sharpener for distribution, so they look as cool accenting your recipes as I hope they taste.

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