Edible Chocolate Candles

Posted: March 16, 2017
Edible Chocolate Candles
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Edible Chocolate Candles are for when some little guy...or some little guy's Auntie She-Ra's boyfriend...gets a little too zealous about diving into the double chocolate with chocolate fudge and chocolate cookie crumbles between the layers and chocolate icing on top ice cream cake during his 4th birthday party. Nom, nom, nom...what's this?! I can even eat the wick?!

Edible Candles are pillars of solid Belgian chocolate with wicks of organic hemp waiting to salute the birthday boy or girl in flame when lit. Ignited, the candles burn just like their undelicious wax counterpart. You don't have to eat the wicks along with the chocolate, but they're safe for consumption if you want to, or if one of your kid's turd friends grabs one and shoves it in his mouth when your back is turned.

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