Dimple Non-Drip Ice Cream Scoop

Posted: January 26, 2021
Dimple No-Drip Ice Cream Scoop
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Awww, look at the dimples and collar on this little guy. Joseph Joseph covered the interior of their Dimple Non-Drip Ice-Cream Scoop in hexagonal smile dents to make it easier to tap scooped ice cream into bowls or onto cones. Combined with its plated zinc-alloy head, even hard ice cream should be easier to roll and release.

Additional thoughtful design attempts include the Dimple's flat handle end and flexible silicone collar, the former allowing for upright storage on a flat surface between scoops and serving, and the latter collecting any ice cream drips so your scoop, your flat surface, and your hands stay clean.

Pair your Dimple with a FREEZE if you like your ice cream perfectly chilled to the last bite, or a homemade Belgian waffle bowl to encourage some melting and mouthwatering mixing of warm and cold.

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