Ice Cream FREEZE Cooling Bowl

Posted: August 18, 2016
Ice Cream FREEZE Cooling Bowl
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Yeah, forget frozen ice cream, I'm about to wear the FREEZE Bowl as a hat. Let's see if it can keep my head from melting for the same 30 to 45 minutes it says it will keep my scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip in their solid state.

The FREEZE is an 18-ounce, BPA-free acrylic container whose walls are filled with a proprietary cooling gel maker Host says needs just 2 hours in the freezer to be able to maintain your pile of ice cream at a temperature of 43 to 53 degrees F from bite 1 to bite final. An insulated Silicone band around the bottom makes sure your hands won't end up like Ralphie Parker's tongue while holding one of the bowls too.

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