Cooksy Hex Surface Hybrid Frying Pan

Posted: April 20, 2023
Cooksy Hex Surface Hybrid Frying Pan
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Who needs a new fancy frying pan to Cooksy some dinner tonight? The 9" Cooksy Hex Surface Hybrid Frying Pan is a versatile piece of cookware made to sit atop any type of cooktop, slide into ovens up to 500 degrees F, and then plunk into the dishwasher for cleanup, though you probably won't need anything more than a brush and warm water to wipe its surface clean.

Cooksy's Hex Surface Hybrid Frying Pan reminds me of Happycall's Diamond Nonstick Frying Pan, which is, to this day, the best pan I ever used. Nothing, nothing, fine sirs and madams, sticks to it. Also, I paid just $43.99 for a 12" version of the skillet in 2017. And then another $39 for a new one in 2022, because the old one eventually warped, and some of its nonstick coating began coming off, because someone used metal utensils on it.

Yeah, of course it was me.

So while the Cooksy Hex Surface Hybrid Frying Pan is more expensive than a single Happycall Diamond Frying Pan, it's not that much more than two Happycall Diamond Frying Pans, and according to Cooksy, their skillet will not warp or corrode over time, and has a nonstick surface that's "completely safe to use with metal utensils."

To achieve the former, the Hex Surface Hybrid Frying Pan is made of both robust stainless steel and nonstick materials. The stainless is also what comprises the pan's hex pattern, so you'll get the metal's proven performance capabilities during cooking. An aluminum core distributes heat evenly from your burner - gas, electric, or induction - to prevent hot / cold spots.

Despite also being made of stainless steel, the Cooksy frying pan's handle stays cool to the touch during stovetop use. I'd still use a potholder pulling it out of the oven though.

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