Cast Iron Pirate Pancake Griddle

Posted: May 04, 2013
Cast Iron Pirate Pancake Griddle
$93 - $113
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Mmm, pirate pancakes. Booty to pad your booty. Yeah I know. That was lame. Cut me some slack, though. You don't know what I was up to last night. No. No it didn't involve Diablo III and a 24-pack of Duff Beer.

This skull & crossbones imprinted cast iron griddle combines traditional green sand iron casting techniques with newfangled digital design and CNC milled pattern technology to allow for complete, small-batch pirate pancake fruition within the confines of the midwestern USA. Meaning high seas travel is averted. Haha, suck it Ethiopian pirates! No ransacking or breakfast-time carbo loading for you!

In addition to pancakes, Pirate Griddle creator Joe Sandor confirms his cast iron trio will proffer ominous batches of corncakes, fried eggs, molded chocolate, and hard candy as well.

The cast iron cooker runs as a Kickstarter project through June 2, 2013. This is Sandor's second griddle campaign on the site, the first being a successful run with patterned cast iron crepe pans.

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