Diablo NES Cartridge Hard Drive

Posted: May 16, 2012
Diablo NES Cartridge Hard Drive
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Diablo III saw its May 15, 2012 release plagued by the most wretched of all the Prime Evils: Error 3006. That's why it's always better to stick with the classics. Original issue NES Diablo may be an ancient one by laws of today's Sanctuary, but Etsy vendor 8BitMemory has found a way to reinvent its hallmark Nintendo cartridges into a 500 GB external hard drive that satisfies the demands of both data storage and nostalgia.

Relish the moody, angst-ridden atmosphere, and menacing visage from the Burning Hells enveloping a Toshiba 2.5" hard drive, powered entirely by its included USB cable. Storage levels of 750 GB and 1 TB are also available, as are drives made from other old school Nintendo games, such as Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. If you have a favorite game not listed, 8BitMemory will gladly fill custom orders as well.

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