Bacon Clothesline

Posted: October 01, 2020
Bacon Clothesline
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What's shakin', bacon? Aw, you know. Just hangin' out. The Bacon Clothesline is a statement piece made to get conversations, and salivary glands, flowing. Made for cooks, foodies, and Santa Claus (because what do you think will deliver better returns, kids? Pork candy or yet another Snickerdoodle?) the Bacon Clothesline is a simple wooden display stand with metal clips for showing off your sexy strips.

Bacon Clothesline maker Back Bay Dining also includes a condiment cup for filling with your favorite bacon dip. Bacon dip? I mean, I've heard of bacon dip, like, dip made with bacon, but dip made for bacon? What would that be? Hot honey? Ranch? Ssam Sauce? I'm intrigued.

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