Ranch: An Ode to America's Beloved Sauce

Posted: September 29, 2018
Ranch: An Ode to America's Beloved Sauce
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Seeing Ranch: An Ode to America's Beloved Sauce in 60 Mouth-Watering Recipes makes me reflective. Ranch dressing. What does Ranch dressing mean to me? Wedge salads. Buffalo wings. Cool Doritos. And, mmm, my mama has a recipe for sliced potatoes baked with bacon, onions, and equal vats of Cheez Whiz and Ranch. I wonder if Abby Reisner has that one in her reverential cookbook.

Hearing the call of 90s nostalgia and diets overrun with hummus, Ranch is a gift to the Ranch Heads holding out amidst the snooty foodies and the vegans, the Paleo dieters and the shunners of dairy. Its 60 recipes don't just bring the focus back to the soul of American condiments, they take Ranch to new mouthwatering levels. Ranch Buttermilk Waffle levels!

From sophisticated dips to meat marinades to pasta sauces to scratch-made dressing for the Ranch Fountain, this Ode to America's Beloved Sauce lays out evidence to a question some of us have known the answer to all along: Is there anything Ranch can't do?

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