Suspended Sofa

Posted: August 07, 2022
Suspended Sofa

Suspend your disbelief! Or let Mark Mitchell suspend it for you with his Suspended Sofa. I don't know how, and I don't know with what, but Mitchell has figured out a way to make a sofa supported by a single side. Presumably, one you can even sit on, though I have to admit, that part isn't clear. And photographic evidence is lacking.

If you think the Suspended Sofa looks like a big fluffy cloud you could float upon as it floats over the ground with you upon it, then you smell what Mitchell was cookin' when he formulated this sculptural furniture recipe. He says:

Clouds have this innate peacefulness hanging almost motionless above our heads completely unaware of their own weight. It's a quality we admire and aspire for in our own lives, to let the turmoil of life pass under us while we just float above free of stress.

Mitchell doesn't mention that he isn't the first to take home furnishing inspiration from clouds, but, sleuth that I am, I found multiple other artists who previously did the same. See the Cloud Levitating Sofa, the Cloud Chair, and the Cloud Chandelier.

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