Cloud Chair

Posted: September 10, 2020
Cloud Chair

Cloud Chair? No. Shota Urasaki's A' Design Award-winning piece of seating is a Sheep Chair. A Sheep With 128 Legs Chair, aka, a Sheep After I Polish Off a Whole Bottle of Hornitos on My RV Trip to the Country Chair. Except my post-tequila sheep also have 12 heads, and this one seems to have none.

Hailing from Okinawa Island, south of Japan, Urasaki took inspiration for her chair from a cloud moving along the coast during a rainstorm. (Ah! That explains the legs.) In addition to the obvious celestial aesthetic of the Cloud Chair, achieved by punching polyester fiber into polyurethane foam with a need, its high and oversized seat design are meant to impart a feeling of floating - perhaps on a cloud - to anyone sitting in the chair. Using stainless steel for the chair legs and pedestal further convey the illusion of rain.

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