Spark Sofa

Posted: June 08, 2023
Spark Sofa
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Ultra-modern transparent aesthetic: check. Standout colors: check. A'Design Award for furniture design: check. Hard plastic construction that pretty much ensures no one will ever F up your couch because no one will ever want to sit on it: check. Jun Wang Studio's Spark Sofa has it all.

The Spark Sofa is a monobloc made of polycarbonate. In this regard, it is resistant to shock and weathering, and suitable for outdoor use. But also in this regard, it does not look very comfortable for use, indoors or out. I could be wrong though. Those transparent dining chairs look like nothing but a surefire way to get dinner guests to please leave by 9, and they're pretty popular, so maybe hard plastic isn't so comfort-eschewing after all.

And, come to think of it, all the chairs I sat in during elementary and high school were made of plastic seats, and they...huh. They could be the reason I've had sciatic problems and a chronic ache in my left butt cheek for most of my adult life....

Nope, I retain my original line of thought. No hard plastic couches, and no Spark Sofa for me. (I'm Jun Wang, its design-award-winning maker who now sells the Spark series for over $4,000, will be devastated not to have the Dude as a client.)

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