Please Leave by 9 Party Banner

Posted: April 08, 2019
Please Leave by 9 Party Banner
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A "Please Leave by 9" party banner seems a lot more fun 'n' festive than my current method of getting people out of my house at a reasonable hour. Which is to set a Volume 8 Alexa timer to yell, "Get out of my house, mother f**kers!" at the magical pumpkin hour. And I think the additions of "please" and glitter in the banner will better encourage guests to follow the order, and possibly not tell me I suck on their way out.

"Please Leave by 9" arrives as a pre-strung banner, and also includes some gold glitter dot banners and 50 individual dots to frame and make it look even less like the wet blanket its sentiment communicates.

The banner is obviously an ideal gift for a party the host wants everyone out of by 9 - office parties, bridal and baby showers, anything happening on a night Game of Thrones is on. But I'd also recommend keeping it on hand for impromptu hanging on nights you have surprise guests pop in, such as annoying neighbors or your in-laws.

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