Rolls of Fat Sofa

Posted: March 01, 2022
Rolls of Fat Sofa

No, designer Ubald Klug didn't really name this luxe couch the Rolls of Fat Sofa. This dude, the world's most cutting, yet fair, critic did. That's all I see when I look at it. Layers and layers of visceral fat. And, while at first glance, the configuration of those layers of fat don't make the couch look too comfortable to sit on, I do have to wonder if it might be the most cozy and luscious piece of furniture ever created. You know, the sofa equivalent of boobies and butts.

If you were wondering, this couch is actually called the DS-1025, which is an altogether horrible name. At least its description, Klug's inspiration for the design, is more interesting: it's supposed to look like terraced hills. The left and right elements of the couch each have tapered steps that vary in width and depth to create the aesthetic, and multiple arrangements of the two sides - or more if you buy them - are possible.

I still question how comfortable the sofa would be to use, especially if you're looking to seat more than 2 people.

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