Ori Cloud Bed Table - Convertible Bed & Home Office

Posted: June 09, 2021
Ori Cloud Bed Table - Convertible Bed & Home Office

Living in a small space or living the WFH life with others in your household no longer means you have to work from your bed. Thanks to the Ori Cloud Bed Table, you can work under it!

A convertible bed and home office combo, the Ori Cloud Bed, Table Edition mounts a king- or queen-sized bed to a mechanical lift. Using manual, app, or voice assistant controls, you can raise the bed and hover it out of the way overhead, revealing a workspace below complete with a 66" long pop-up desk, integrated storage shelves, LED lighting, and outlet power.

When your work day is complete, reverse the process, sliding out the table's arm to lower it, calling the bed back down to floor, and letting its own legs fold out to support your collapse into it. The transformation from Ori Cloud Bed to Ori Cloud Table and back takes about 42 seconds each way.

And while it doesn't look quite as luxe as the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed, the Ori Cloud Bed Table is definitely several steps up from the Convertible Nap Desk and, I'd argue, is more innovative than both.

Brooklyn-based Ori Design Studio creates products for urban living, with the goal of "empower[ing] people to live large in a small footprint." In addition to the Ori Cloud Bed Table they've designed the Ori Cloud Bed Sofa to convert your space from living to bedroom in the same way the Table Edition transforms your square footage from bedroom to office.

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