Convertible Nap Desk

Posted: October 11, 2015
Convertible Nap Desk

Some people work to live, some people live to work, and some people work to...figure out a feasible way to turn their desk into a nap station. Like industrial designer Athanasia Leivaditou. Inspiration for her convertible nap desk came from the long hours she and her classmates would spend studying and working on studio projects at university. The students who didn't have apartments close by couldn't run home for a quick bite to eat or,what they needed even more: a nap. Their solution was to push chairs together to squeeze in a few minutes of sleep in between the academic grind. Leivaditou's solution was to create a desk whose bottom portion converts to a bed.

The desk's top slides forward and its ends fold outward to provide some extra head clearance and spread-out space, while the front panel, a wood plank covered in sections of padding, drops down to the desk's bottom frame to serve as a mattress.

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