LOAFA Bread Roll Sofa

Posted: January 18, 2022
LOAFA Bread Roll Sofa

Carbo-load your eyes on the LOAFA Sofa, a modular couch made entirely of bread rolls. OK, probably bread roll pillows, but seeing as the LOAFA is still a prototype, we'll have to see what IKEA decides about that when they produce it for consumers.

When they maybe produce it for consumers.

Let me back up, so you dudes can get a LOAFA the tale of this sofa. It's the yeasty brainchild of Estonian rapper and designer Tommy Ca$h, who says they collaborated with IKEA on the concept, and had artist Gab Bois bake up the one you see here. Ca$h also says IKEA told them if their LOAFA Instagram post got 10,000 comments, the Swedish furniture house would run a real release of the starchy seating. The comments (bread) rolled in, so we'll see if Ca$h's claims are for real or for publicity, and if IKEA holds up their end of the supposed bargain.

I don't see why they wouldn't. No matter what happens, the LOAFA will have them making a lot of dough.

If the LOAFA is making you hungry for some interior design-worthy bread, check out these real bread lamps from Pampshade to tide you over until the sofa's possible production.

Muchas danke to Hypebeast.

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