Pampshade Real Bread Lamps

Posted: March 27, 2021
Pampshade Real Bread Lamps
$51 - $144
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That croissant is lit! Both literally, because it is a Pampshade Bread Lamp filled with LEDs, and figuratively because every Pampshade Croissant is handmade into a lamp from a real, edible croissant. One that, just as impressively, designer Yukiko Morita and her team bake themselves.

Pampshade Bread Lamps come in a variety of styles, from baguettes to boules, coupes to toast, and they all wow with the same basic ingredients and innovative builds. Bread flour, cake flour, salt, and yeast kick off the process - a complex one in and of itself - of creating the breads Pampshade will transform into lighting. Once proofed, baked, and cooled, breads are hollowed out* and treated with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating that will prevent them from going through the whole decay and decomposition thing most organic products do. Finally, Morita installs her LEDs and either a battery box or power cord.

Pampshade Lamps should last for years, and can be wall-mounted or displayed on a tabletop.

Pampshade's newest addition to the bakery case isn't a lamp, but a clever mashup of Indian bread, a clock, and Salvador Dali. Inspired by Dali's "Soft Clock" masterpiece, it's Naan Time, baby!

*Don't worry, their doughy centers don't go to waste. Pampshade repurposes them into Nakami Rusk, boxes of rustic croutons with flavors such as Black Pepper Parmesan and Sweet Pistachio & Butter.

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