Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Posted: December 17, 2013
Ice Cream Sandwich Bench
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To quote Freddie Mercury, "Is this real life? Or is it just fantasy?" Let's see...well, according to the $950 subtotal in my Jellio shopping cart, it is real life. Oh boy! Real life now has furniture that looks like ice cream sandwiches! An ice cream sandwich bench!

Solid foam throughout. Chocolate wafer cushions covered in canvas. A vanilla ice cream center swathed in velvet. Ahhh. The ice cream sandwich bench is a lover of high-fat dairy with tons of added sugar's dream come true. In fact, the only thing on earth that would be better than an ice cream sandwich bench is an actual ice cream sandwich the size of an ice cream sandwich bench.

Benches measure 20" wide x 48" long x 18" tall.

Complement your sinful ice cream sandwich seat with a healthy night's sleep in a slice of pizza sleeping bag squeezing a burrito body pillow.

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