Harow Orbital Sofa

Posted: September 02, 2019
Harow Orbital Sofa

Harow goes on about how their Orbital Sofa takes inspiration from space stations, or orbital stations, and specifically the International Space Station launched in 1998. The sofa, plus its armchair version, supposedly pay tribute to the low Earth gathering place of astronauts from the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Japan, and Brazil.

But Harow has also called this Orbital Sofa the Empire Edition, and upholstered it in imposing black leather whose shape mimics a pretty recognizable helmet, but not that of any astronaut on the ISS. Plus, Harow is also the design house behind the Arnold Schwarzenegger Iconic Stool, so they clearly respect Hollywood and pop culture as much as the scientific exploration of the universe.

Why not just call it the Vader Sofa? Or the Dark Lord Divan. The Empire Strikes Your Seat.

The Orbital Sofa and Orbital Armchair, Empire Edition are part of a limited run. Their structuring is a bronze / steel combination, and the puckered black seat part fabric and leather.

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