Harow Arnold Schwarzenegger Iconic Stool

Posted: August 20, 2019
Harow Arnold Schwarzenegger Iconic Stool

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes from being back to being butt in this (admit it, fantastic) stool for yours from French design studio Harow. Now you can breathe some fresh air with Doug Quaid, and have story time with Mr. Kimble 7 days a week, in lacquered chrome, gold, black, or white.

Harow has killed it before with their pop culture-tinged furniture designs - check out the Arcade Sofa and Skull Armchair - but the Arnold Schwarzenegger stool, called Icon, is the first to incorporate a celebrity. And in such a gloriously literal way.

For their part, Harow has great respect for Arnold, noting that "Everything about him is extraordinary," and calling him "the living embodiment of the American Dream." When setting out to make the Icon Stool in his honor, they created a 3D model and sculpted it out of a proof block. The block then becomes polyester resin that is fettled, polished, and tinted to order. Arnold in stool form is as much a masterpiece as Arnold in life form, and, it seems, both appear only when commissioned, and only for people who can afford their considerable asking price.

But hey, as Schwarzenegger once said, "Winners find solutions, and losers find excuses." So if you really want an Arnold Icon Stool, take the man's advice, and figure out how to make one your own.

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