Arcade Sofa

Posted: August 28, 2017
Arcade Sofa

1991 brought Street Fighter II. 2017 brings the Street Fighter II Arcade Sofa. Relive your 90s glory playing the game...and then maybe get a different type of game on...on it.

Paris design house Harow - also responsible for this outstanding Skull Armchair - gives a nod to the early 1990s' resurgence of arcade games and culture with their Arcade Sofas. Capcom's Street Fighter II set off the trend, but Harow highlights a slew of other names, images, and artistic styles that helped define the trend in its line of cabinet-shaped couches too.

Choose from at least 21 different Arcade Sofa designs, from Pop- to Vandal- to Fighter- to Hello Kitty-themed, all handmade from recycled wood, steel, and velvet.

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