Duffy London Civilization Tables

Posted: May 15, 2020
Duffy London Civilization Tables
$33,500 - $48,200
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With this new series of Civilization Tables, Duffy London once again proves the truly creative mind lives in no box, and follows no set path. Even a box built or path established by itself. Based on ancient temples and monuments, not only are the carved marble coffee and dining tables standout in their inspired conception and stunning execution, but they're also completely different than previous, equally exceptional pieces we've seen from Christopher Duffy and Duffy London. The Wolf Within Chair. The Swing Table. The Abyss Table.

Civilization Tables pay tribute to Petra, Kailasa, and Hegra, all wonders of the world that were also carved out of a solid block of something special - their surrounding landscapes. The 3 versions of the glass-topped tables come in your choice of white, black, green, or red marble, and the Civilization Series is limited to 11 pieces.

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