Dropped Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Chairs

Posted: December 30, 2020
Dropped Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Chairs
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Ah, the ice cream cone drop. As famous as the mic drop, but for melancholy rather than owned-you celebratory reasons. Also typically accompanied by tears, not cheers. Except, perhaps, in the case of the Dropped Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Chair, which transforms a gloomy event into one of happiness and whimsy. Kudos to Etsy shop Chics in Design for creating the only way to turn frowns upside down by doing the same to ice cream cones.

Known previously around here for their Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag Chair, Chics in Design doesn't simply print images of waffle cones filled with milk's greatest accomplishment onto their bean bags, they knit them with colored yarns. The pixelated effect you see throughout the ice cream cones is a deliberate design feature of what the shop calls their "signature technique." Maybe it's not your cup of tea - or cone of Rocky Road - but it's certainly unique, and guarantees the sweet treat seats' visuals won't fade or rub off over time.

Dropped Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Chairs are ready for the dorm room, the game room, or the kids' room in your choice of Rocky Road; Vanilla with hot fudge and sprinkles; and Strawberry with strawberry sauce.

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