Executive Drop Mic

Posted: November 02, 2016
Executive Drop Mic

Doooshhh! The sound of a mic drop. Or rather, the sound you make with your mouth when you mime a mic drop. Or maybe, the sound a mic makes when you do an actual mic drop, followed immediately by D'oh!, the sound you make with your mouth when you find out you now owe the sound guy $400 for the broken mic.

The Executive Mic Drop beefs up your display of triumph and self-aggrandizement without going so far as to set up a real (expensive) piece of equipment for a life of damage and destruction. A novelty / gag gift for the office, the Fantasy Football League Awards Ceremony, or your next dinner party, the Executive Mic Drop is a slick silver microphone prop nestled into a cloth-lined wood box. The heavy-duty mic is resistant to drops dainty and dramatic alike, and is a particular fan of drop fails that end up in your friend Cornelius' Stanley Cup stein of beer.

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