Do Hit Chair - DIY Sledgehammer Seating

Posted: August 04, 2019
Do Hit Chair - DIY Sledgehammer Seating
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I can't say I've ever seen a chair with a "Do Not Hit" sign or theme, but that doesn't make this Do Hit Chair any less interesting to me. It's like, you know, Just Do Hit.

In the spirit of anger- and stress-busting smash rooms, the Marijn van der Poll Do Hit Chair design for Droog arrives as a stainless steel box and sledgehammer. It's your choice as co-designer where the DIY seating goes from there.

Droog also sells a pre-smashed version of the Do Hit Chair, in case you doubt your artistic or physical ability to pound it out into shape accommodating to a human butt and torso. You'll still get the sledgehammer though to inflict finishing flourishes.

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