The Fragment Smash & Bash Rage Room

Posted: May 11, 2017
$38 - $220
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For $220...and the cost of a trip to Singapore...you could enter The Fragment Room, and unleash 60 uninterrupted minutes of all-out rage. Smash the plates and vases. Bash in the monitor. Take a bat to the walls. Scream. Grunt. Destroy. Let it all out. And then leave feeling refreshed, ready to return to society calm and at peace with life.

The Fragment Room grants anyone with paid admission access to a room, a pile of breakables, and a 30- to 60-minute license to do whatever the hell you want to them. They also supply Smashing Gear, including a helmet and / or full face mask, coveralls, cut-proof gloves, and a baseball bat or crowbar. For an extra fee you can also add: an extra crate of crushable goods and a sledgehammer; a supreme crowbar; or a pair of Yeezy 950 boots.

Yeah, I know it sucks--particularly these days--that The Fragment Room is not more accessible to anyone not living in or visiting Singapore, but look around. There's a rage room called Anger Room in Dallas, and one from BattleSports in Toronto. You could also do what I do when I need to let off some steam: slam my empty beer bottles one by one and really hard into my condo complex's recycling bin.

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