Dhyan Multi-Mode Zen Lounger

Posted: August 11, 2020
Dhyan Multi-Mode Zen Lounger

Sorry, dudes, as much as you and I might want to kick back in the living room amongst a garden of calming plants, or in the middle of a stone-filled pool bubbling under our asses, the Dhyan zen lounger is just a piece of concept seating from designer Sasank Gopinathan. It's for the best, though. We probably couldn't afford it anyway.

Plus, you know what they say about other people's unrealized or exorbitantly-priced ideas: they're the mother of your own weekend DIY projects.

The Dhyan Lounger is built to support multiple modes of relaxation. You can leave the chair's surrounding platform empty and use its surface for display or personal items. You can go for garden mode, removing flush covers at the back and side to fill with dirt and houseplants. Or you can grab your bucket and enter water-pond mode, supported by an inboard pump that both generates a flow and creates a waterfall behind the backrest, bringing the calming, ambient sounds and vibes of the outdoors inside.

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