Handmade Golf Ball Cannon

Posted: July 22, 2018
Handmade Golf Ball Cannon

Having made a whole list of the best projectile launchers, I know a good desktop cannon when I see one. And, dude, this golf ball cannon is one damn fine desktop cannon. Handmade by Butterfield Machine, the Black Powder Golf Ball Mortar is a 5.3 pound badass whose barrel is machined from a solid 2.5" 1018 steel round bar. An oak carriage and brass hardware support the barrel, and add to the cannon's elegant industrial aesthetic.

Now mind you Butterfield Machine recommends using the mortar as a display piece only. But. If you happen to have a bunch of decommissioned golf balls and a 120 grain charge of FFG black powder lying around...the cannon is more than ready to go BOOM!

Additional golf ball mortar specs: 1.7" bore diameter; 2.25" bore length; 0.125" fuse hole.

If you like Butterfield Machine's Black Powder Golf Ball Mortar, be sure to check out their Hand Machined Fire Piston and FlatTop Brass Buffalo Nickel Spinning Top too.

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