FlatTop Brass Buffalo Nickel Spinning Top

Posted: March 23, 2017
FlatTop Brass Buffalo Nickel Spinning Top

The FlatTop Brass Buffalo Nickel Spinning Top is a new, limited-edition release from Butterfield Machine, the Utah-based shop also responsible for hand-machining this slick Fire Piston. Having received and spun around a little with the FlatTop, I can attest that Butterfield hasn't lost its Buttery touch.

Solid, stemless, and fitted with a real Buffalo 5-cent piece, the FlatTop is designed to be a fidgeter's favorite piece of EDC, and possibly a Cleveland fan's bestest good luck charm. Chris Butterfield--now you know where the company got its name--points out that the FlatTop isn't meant to be a marathon spinner, but its brass heft and a 1/16" silicon nitride bearing can produce spin times of 5 or more minutes, even for those with untrained wrists. Butterfield himself has gotten the Buffalo Nickel top to spin for 12+ minutes.

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