Grovemade Task Knife

Posted: May 26, 2021
Grovemade Task Knife
$70 - $120
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The Grovemade Task Knife is a chunky little blade, but hey, if anyone's a believer that big is beautiful, it's this dude. And don't get me wrong, Grovemade's light-duty blade is no obnoxious HALO V 3X 32" switchblade, it's just a bit...thick. And impractical for EDC, which is why Grovemade machined the Task Knife for desktop display.

Cut from your choice of solid stainless steel or brass, and finished raw to preserve machining marks, the Task Knife's primary task is to look elegant and minimalist sitting on its stand. That's right, a stand, not a sheath that would hide it from admiring eyes.

By the same token, Grovemade notes the Task Knife is "practically indestructible," and "hefty and delicate at the same time." It is particularly skilled at opening boxes, but is also suitable for other basic desk duties. Fidget toy included, as the Task Knife is Grovemade to feel nice in the hand.

Black, Stainless, and Brass Task Knives measure 4.75" long x 0.65" wide x 0.25" thick. Weight is 2.7 ounces.

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