Light Side / Dark Side Switch Plate Cover

Posted: October 20, 2016
Light Side / Dark Side Switch Plate Cover

Forget the moral conundrum, jumping between the Light Side and the Dark Side should be like flipping a switch. Luke's making pumpkin spice muffins? Click. Light's on. The Force is with me. It's pulling me out of bed and down to the kitchen. It's pulling seconds...and thirds into my mouth. Mmmm...what's that? Vader has some Star Wars cosplay porn? Click. Give me the darkness and my laptop. Maybe some good lube too.

Savor the best of both sides with the Star Wars Light Side / Dark Side Switch Plate Cover, a perfect literal interpretation and practical application of the greatest rivalry in cinematic history. Light switch armors come in your choice of an aged copper / patina effect, or a stone textured aesthetic. This listing here is for a single switch plate. Double up your Good v. Evil battle to rule the galaxy with the two-switch version here.

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