Secret Whiteboard - Art Print with Fold-Open Whiteboard

Posted: October 12, 2021
$79 - $195
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With WFH culture likely here to stay, the Secret Whiteboard could be the best thing to come along since the act of gathering up all your crap and piling it in the closest closet when people come over (particularly those with the audacity to do it without calling or texting first.) Developed by Sable Flow, the Secret Whiteboard is hanging frame for artwork that folds open to reveal a double-sided magnetic whiteboard inside.

Sable Flow designed the Secret Whiteboard in response to WFH demands that often require office, desk, and wall space your home may not readily have. Converting the dining table into functional work space, or installing a small desk in the living room are viable options, because they're easy enough to convert back / tidy up like they're meant to be there, when the work day is over, and it's time to enjoy some home life. Or, ugh, host a dinner party. A giant whiteboard mounted on the wall, covered in marker ideas and flapping papers, doesn't disappear so easily.

At least not unless it has a secret.

The Secret Whiteboard comes in 3 sizes, your choice of black or white frame, and with an included art print that you can easily swap out for one you like more. It stays in art form via a magnetic closure in the corners, plus features a recessed interior so you can close it up with your markers, erasers, and papers stored inside. If you want a Secret Whiteboard for your secret WFH office, it's available for backing here on Kickstarter through November 20, 2021.

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