LEGO Art Rolling Stones Tongue & Lips Logo

Posted: May 26, 2022
LEGO Rolling Stones Tongue & Lips Art
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You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes...and wait 'til August 1st...you can get LEGO Art's Rolling Stones Tongue & Lips Logo set. Joining the likes of The Beatles, Star Wars Siths, Marilyn Monroe, and Iron Man, The Rolling Stones are the latest icons to get bricked out in LEGO's Art series.

LEGO Art is a collection of adult building brick sets whose completion produces flat-backed portraits and images you can hang on the wall, or slip inside a stand for desktop display. Released in honor of the band's 60th anniversary (<-- holy zombie rockers, Batman!) the Rolling Stones logo set comes with 1,998 bricks, and a couple of Easter eggs to start you up even more as you build.

First, LEGO includes a QR code with the set that pulls up an hour-long Stones playlist to rock out to as you work. And second, partway through assembly, a hidden 60th-anniversary logo will appear inside the tongue , which you can leave as is if you want, or complete the set to produce the traditional Rolling Stones Tongue & Lips. A great gift for the musician or classic rock fan in your life.

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