LEGO Art - Buildable Posters with Soundtracks

Posted: July 04, 2020
LEGO Art - Buildable Posters with Soundtracks
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In September 2020 LEGO is releasing a series of buildable brick pop culture posters, each with an accompanying soundtrack. They're calling them LEGO Art. Here's hoping their interpretations of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Marvel Studios' Iron Man, and Star Wars' The Sith build into home decor and play as jams more inspired than LEGO's name for them.

LEGO has sneak peaks of all 4 LEGO Art creations available for viewing on their website, as well as samples of the soundtracks that will come with them. The LEGO Art mantra: "Listen - Build - Relax."

Marilyn, the Fab Four, Iron Man, and Vader & friends all come as one LEGO brick set you can use to build 3 to 4 different images. Buying 4 sets of the Warhol and Beatles editions means you can recreate Warhol's iconic pop art or the complete band; a trio of the Marvel and Star Wars sets combined creates a new, larger poster.

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