Iron Mando Porcelain Helmet

Posted: September 14, 2023
Iron Mando Porcelain Helmet
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The Iron Mando Porcelain Helmet is what happens when creative visionaries and skilled artists don't want to get sued by Disney or Marvel. Discommon, the design firm behind the Iron Mando, calls their full-size porcelain helmet a "collision of art and fandom," and will officially release it as a limited run in October 2023.

Oh, and yes, dudes, I did say "full-size." The Iron Mando Helmet might actually fit on your head. But it's obviously not adjustable, and despite its release date, Discommon didn't intend it to become your contest-winning Halloween costume this year. They strongly advise displaying it as an authentic Chinese porcelain sculpture, rather than wearing it for attention on Instagram and TikTok.

However, should you find yourself unable to resist donning the helmet to become a bounty hunting Avenger who appreciates a good Blue Willow motif, Discommon recommends keeping a hammer nearby, and requests you please send them photos.

In addition to the nifty Iron Man-Mandalorian mashup in the helmet's shape, Discommon also worked with a pair of "brilliant" graphic designers to create the cobalt artwork, which they promise contains many an Easter Egg for Avengers and Star Wars fans.

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