FreezerBoy - Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets

Posted: August 11, 2015
FreezerBoy - Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets
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Here's a slightly more economical approach to "skinning" your fridge in LEGO bricks or a lady licking the shaft of a banana. It's simpler to install and, I think many would argue, just as inspiring too. FreezerBoy is a set of 6 giant magnets that arrange to turn your refrigerator (or washing machine) into an OG Game Boy. Non-functional, just to clarify for the idiots and anal retentives.

As shown in the photos, the FreezerBoy set looks dashing on many different fridge models, including the classic top freezer, inverted bottom freezer, French door side-by-side, and space-saving compact. The latter in case your wife or girlfriend insists you keep your Nintendo shrine in your man lair or the office break room. The largest magnet, the Game Boy screen, measures 16" x 12". It's not dry-erase but it would be cool if it were so you could draw Marios stomping Goombas and Tetrominos on it. Maybe I'll Photoshop my friend Cornelius getting blasted by Mega Man and magnet it to the center.

Muchas danke to Jon for the Dude Product Tip.

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